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Jul 27, 2021

We all want to feel like we belong. It's no wonder that growing up harassed by skinheads in an otherwise predominately Latino community, Darren Thompson felt he didn’t belong. It didn't matter that he was book smart, his neighborhood community didn't embrace him. So he made his way to Los Angeles as often as possible. He embraced street life and street racing. It took hard knocks and a felony conviction to get him back in touch with what his parents had tried to instill in him.

Darren currently works as a Waste Water Operator. This job allows him the finances to own his home and the time to take his grandchildren to the park most evenings after work.

Favorite movie: Friday the 13th franchise.

Favorite books: Invisible Man and Black Like Me.

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About this podcast: In each episode, a Brother reflects on his life; explores the experience of being a Black man in America; shares his interactions with law enforcement; and answers the signature question "If America was a woman, what would you say to her? You won't find a collection of conversations with Black men like this anywhere else. Hear their wisdom. Be inspired.

Host, Rahbin Shyne, is an author, educator, creative and avid half-marathon walker. Original music by Malachi Mott.