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Dec 1, 2020

Maryland's Ricco Cooper is an avid reader, consistent journaler and creative. And that's in his spare time when he's not working as a wine sales consultant, studying to become a sommelier or spending quality time with his wife.

One expression of his creativity happens at least once a year when he pens a rap celebrating his love and marriage for his wife. Another was the creation of a “Change the Narrative” video he created to inspire youth. He called on his large network of powerful Black ken to share their stories and deliver the message that there are no limits to what Black men can do. That resonates with us at 365 Brothers.

There are lots of stories in this episode. But how do you get a ticket for air freshener?

Ricco's favorite song is Mark Morrison's Return of the Mack.

Ricco's favorite words are held in Rich Dad Poor Dad; The 48 Laws of Power; and the quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Also, make sure you check out the Dame Dash interview Ricco references in the interview.

About this podcast: In each episode, a Brother reflects on his life; explores the experience of being a Black man in America; shares his interactions with law enforcement; and answers the question "If America was a woman, what would you say to her?"

Every interview starts with getting-to-know-you questions about favorites, accomplishments and then goes deeper. You won't find a collection of conversations with Black men like this anywhere else. Hear their wisdom.

Host, Rahbin Shyne, is an author, educator, creative and avid half-marathon walker. Follow on Instagram @allthingshyne or on Facebook.

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Special thanks to Sonji Walker, Shedrick Sanders, Abigail Gonzalez, Don Davis and William Hamilton for their generous support.