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Jul 29, 2020

His eldest brother, Robert, brought him to meet and hear Malcolm X while Therman Davis was a high school junior. Later, in 1967 at Occidental College, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave Therman career advice over lunch. This math major went on to enjoy a 34-year career in the insurance industry as an actuary. He developed insurance and pension products for Fortune 500 companies before retiring to devote himself to research on the structures that inhibit individuals, families and communities from thriving. My uncle, Therman Davis, shares his life.

Therman's favorite book: A People's History of The United States by Howard Zinn.

Favorite song: Summertime in England by Van Morrison.

About this podcast: In each episode, a Brother reflects on his life; explores the experience of being a Black man in America; shares his interactions with law enforcement; and answers the question "If America was a woman, what would you say to her?"

Every interview starts with getting-to-know-you questions about favorites, accomplishments and then goes deeper. You won't find a collection of conversations with Black men like this anywhere else. Hear their wisdom.

Host, Rahbin Shyne, is an author, educator, creative and avid half-marathon walker. Follow on Instagram @allthingshyne or on Facebook.

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