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Nov 9, 2020

Chicago native, Aubrey Sturdivant, is here to live an authentic. He's a life coach, numerologist, psychic and author. This spiritual master is mastering the expression of spirit, for himself and others. The title of one of his ebooks says it all, Never Belittle Your Greatness: Only Your Thoughts Exist.

In elementary school, Aubrey was sent to an alternative school setting. He reclaimed the designation "special" and has developed into an ability to help others their unique talents, gifts and abilities. His coaching is based around his Rare Genius Mindset. He credits the time he spent on house arrest after a drug conviction as creating the time and space for him to discover the mind-enriching content that put him on his current path.

His research into psychology, mindfulness, numerology, physical health and more coalesces into a unique expression of personal growth philosophy.

Aubrey's favorite words are Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Don't go where the path may lead. Go where there's no path at all and leave a trail." Listen carefully to hear his other two quotes.

Aubrey's favorite song is I Gotta Find Peace of Mind by Lauryn Hill.

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