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Jan 18, 2021

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As a young adult, Greg Wilson learned that he was HIV positive. Knowing the best resources to manage HIV was in Los Angeles, he left Lancaster, Ca with little money and less of a plan. After a period of homelessness, followed by a year of living in a shelter, Greg shares how he changed his perspective, changed his actions and changed his life.

He currently works in the field of public health and is a self-described queer activist. His journey in managing his health, overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts is the basis of his book The Metamorphosis of a Heart.

Our conversation will leave you laughing and learning. Thus is the way a conversation goes with a person who shares an open heart.

Favorite words: I can’t hold grudges because I only have two hands. Favorite song, If You Don't Know Me By Now.

About this podcast: In each episode, a Brother reflects on his life; explores the experience of being a Black man in America; shares his interactions with law enforcement; and answers the signature question "If America was a woman, what would you say to her? You won't find a collection of conversations with Black men like this anywhere else. Hear their wisdom.

Host, Rahbin Shyne, is an author, educator, creative and avid half-marathon walker.

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Special thanks to Sonji Walker, Shedrick Sanders, Abigail Gonzalez, Don Davis and William Hamilton for their generous support.